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First published: 24 June 2014
Last update: 4 June 2017
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Some people say:
I donīt know, if my videos are really that extraordinary.
But I do know, that they are really comprehensive and profound.
But most of all they are made to help you designing exactly that sound you were looking for and to get every sound into your project - every sound you need to have there. And those "donationware" videos of mine are even more profound than the free ones on my channels,
Just click "Donate" and choose the number or the title of the video you want to get.
(I leave it up to you, how much you want to donate. There is only one rule: 1 donation = 1 video)
Bazille Patch Analysis 5
Please click the title of the videos to get more information about its content.
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The latest 3 video tutorials are:
Softube Modular 10
"Intellijel Rubicon"