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First published: 24 June 2014
Last update: 24 June 2014
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The Creek
Part 1: Rolava Springs
The Creek
Part 2: Abandoned Lands
The Creek - Announcment
I'm not interested in ideologies or theories.
I'm not really interested in numbers, years and months and days either.
I am interested in life, ...
... in lives. In the lives of those, who made history and who were made by the events we call history.

I want to make the life of the people I'm going to talk about imaginable for those who live today.

Can you imagine how the Czech farmer felt when he saw the first German tanks rolling in across the hills of the Erzgebirge? Well, my camera will be positioned and shooting right there, where he was standing not yet a century ago.

Can you imagine how the miner's wife felt when they told her about her husband's death in the guts of the mountains? Well, my camera will show you the caves those miners crawled in about 300 years ago - as well as the castle the region's leaders lived in, the guys our miner had been working for all of his life.

I want to catch the spirit, the flavour of a region and an age – and sometimes even discover the constant in the line of events leading up to now.
On these pages (see navigation above) you'll find additional and complementary material about and in connection with the clips about the historical issues on my YouTube channel “rofilm nature”.
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