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First published: 20 October 2015
Last update: 9 December 2017
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Actual in progress and already visible:
My channel
 “VSTs in depth”
Softube´s Modular.
is actually dominated by three series. The first one
– containing 17 tutorials so far – deals with accSone´s
and granular synthesis. The new Version 6 is dealt with in tutorial 16 and later tutorials. The second series of tutorials is all about
There are 11 tutorials online in this second series so far, dealing with the Doepfer Modules of this softsynth, the sequencer units and "Rubicon" and "Korgasmatron II" . I´m going to produce tutorials about every of Modular´s modules – gradually but steadily.
On my channel
 “Musik VSTs and More”
 you can follow five series in progress:
ZEBRA Patch Analysis
with three parts online so far and
BAZILLE Patch Analysis
with already five parts online.
The series deal with these two of u-he´s softsynths and are meant to spur your phantasy how to use these synths and to give you a notion of the functionality of the involved modules.
I´ll proceed with both series in a more occasional way, occasionally but steady and for a long time.
The third series is
The Power of FM.
 It´s a workshop, it´s very detailed, it´s very scientific, but it is very practical as well. There will be 8 parts. The first three of them are already online. Please don´t expect to see a new part going online every month. Every six month will be a more realistic estimation.
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"The World is Sound"
"How to Get New Fresh Sounds Into Your Project"
(a series of quick tips on "Musik VSTs and More")
Series number 4 is about the softsynth
Ommarunn is an unconventional but very powerful synth with a nearly uncountable number of ways to modulate a designed sound.
Series no. 4 deals with a modular synth as well: SoloStuff´s synth
The series has just began. The first 4 parts are online.
And series
no. 5 is called