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First published: 20 October 2015
Last update: 9 December 2017
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Not yet visible, but in the pipeline
(in "advanced preparation"):
There is going to be a series about patching modular and other "classical" synths. I will use - among others - Softube´s Modular, Behringer, MS 20 mini etc. to rebuild and analyse so called “classical” modular synth patches, some of which are really famous ones, some are more basic but nevertheless important. This new series is going to be published on my channel
 “Musik VSTs and More”.
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“Music off-the-wall”
is the channel for more creative musical work. Maybe I should rather say “is going to be ….” as there isn´t really much of an activity going on actually. But, but, but, there is going to be a real “big thing” on that channel quite soon, starting already this year (2016).
“Music off-the-wall”
“rofilm nature”,
the channel about, well, my adventures observing nature and experimenting. There are just a few small videos of my walks and expeditions and about my first steps with microscopy online so far. But I am collecting - and have already been doing so for some time – material about my long-term project of observing and documenting the nature of and around a special lake here in the Czech republic. I am listing and describing all live – plants and animals, big and small, in and around the water etc. - all over the year and all over a lot of years. I haven´t made up my mind about the question “what structure shall the online videos have?” But you´ll be able to watch my adventures there from about February 2017 on in a more occasional order.
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And it has already begun:
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...and there is going to be a live show of mine!
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The year 2018 will mainly bring a lot more parts of all the begun series. But if there will occur an especially interesting VST ...
"VSTs - in depth"