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First published: 24 June 2014
Last update: 15 February 2015
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Genetics of Sound
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Genetics of Sound
Part 1: Introduction
Genetics of Sound Part 2
Landscapes of Sound I
Colours of Sound
Part 1: Introduction
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Go and have a talk with a physicist about waves and vibrations and their real character, meaning and nature, and about the phenomenon called “material world”. You'll discover – quite startled – that you are not at all sitting an anything real right now, because your chair is only accidentally what it seems to be like: hard and reliable. But – de facto – it is made up of an uncountable number of small particles, “things”, which are indeed nothing else than – waves, than probabilities.
Go an have a talk with a physiologist of the brain. You'll learn that there's a permanent pushing about of electrical charges and electrical pulses going on in your brain. You'll learn that it's electricity that makes the cells of your brain build new links and connections. But having had that conversation with the physicist, you know by now, that electrical charges in particular are noting else than waves, than probabilities. In other words: you think with sound, using sound, your brain, your imagination, your whole ratio isn't anything else than sound.
But I might talk about that anywhere else and not yet.
The question I am interested in right now and right here reads:
“Is there anything like a gene of sound?”
Is there anything like a genetic code, a smallest unit of sound, not audible itself, but characterising a sound and its development, its interaction with other sounds?
And if there is a kind of gene of a sound, what will happen, when I change the sound on a “genetic level”?
Does it make a point to talk – and think – about something like “genetic engineering of sound”?
Perhaps I won't manage to find those genes of sound. But perhaps my quest will lead me to a better understanding of sound, will lead me to a more efficient, a more precise and more detailed way of creating sound and sounds, of choosing them in my compositions.
Genetics of Sound Part 2b
Landscapes of Sound II
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