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First published: 24 June 2014
Last update: 13 May 2015
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Genetics of Sound
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Genetics of Sound
Part 1: Introduction
Genetics of Sound Part 2a
Landscapes of Sound I
Colours of Sound
Part 2a: Landscapes of Sound I
Genetics of Sound Part 2b
Landscapes of Sound II
The video documents the first stage of our quest, of our journey towards a genetic code of sound. It is about additive synthesis. At the beginning there are some basic explanations of additive synthesis and of the terms “fundamental”, “partial” and “spectrum” for those who haven´t been concerned with the matter at all by now, followed by animated 3 D models of sounds. As those models look like a landscape the video states and proves the relationship between real landscapes and landscapes of sound by transferring two real landscapes (taken from a map) into audible sounds. It´s astounding how many similar features both, the character of the given landscape and the character of the sound, consist of and how similar their impacts are on those who contemplate and listen.
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