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First published: 24 June 2014
Last update: 13 May 2015
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Genetics of Sound
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Genetics of Sound
Part 1: Introduction
Genetics of Sound Part 2a
Landscapes of Sound I
Colours of Sound
Part 2b: Landscapes of Sound II
Genetics of Sound Part 2b
Landscapes of Sound II
In this second video about additive synthesis and my

quest of finding
the genes of sound

I apply those basic features
the science of geology uses to describe landscapes
to landscapes of sound.

How does the audible equivalent of a hollow or a knoll, of a crater or a mesa sound?

And are those basic elements of geology basic elements in sounds too?

I analyse the sound of
a flute, a trombone, a cello and a piano
to answer this question

and – at least – I even

implant the characteristic features of one sound into another,
creating something like a “pianoflute” or a flutepiano”,
a genetic manipulated hybrid of a sound.
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