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What is it all about?
The Sound of Water and Ice in its Environmental and Social Context
from all Over the World
About donating
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The Details of the Project:
What should be recorded?
The Details of the Project:
Technical aspects
and documentation
(some details)
You can easily use the form sheet. Please click here to download it.
Basic Information:
(IŽll need this)
How would you like to be called in the credits and what would you like to be told about you.
Where did you record your sound and where is the water, snow ice ...from (i.e. "river Nile, 10 km south of Cairo").
How did the sound occur or how did you make the sound (i.e. "snow falling from a roof at a parking car" or "throwing cubes of ice against a plate of solid metal").
Additional Information:
(IŽd like to know)
May I contact you, if there are questions about your recording?

Some words about your recording eqipment.
Additional Material:
(IŽd be happy to get from you)
Photographs or videos from the place where you recorded the sound or from your field recording itself.

Some words about the place you recorded and your idea, your experiment etc.
The Details of the Project:
Rights and Law and Money and all this formality thing
The Details of the Project:
How am I going to use your files?
Special email only for this project:
The Form Sheet
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First published: 12 November 2016
Last update: 18 December 2016
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