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What is it all about?
The Sound of Water and Ice in its Environmental and Social Context
from all Over the World
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The Details of the Project:
What should be recorded?
The Details of the Project:
Technical aspects
and documentation
The Details of the Project:
Rights and Law and Money and all this formality thing
Formalities, contracts, money … I don´t like those matters, but, well, at least the following:
This project isn´t about earning money. I don´t think there will be money in it. But if – by chance – some money occurs in the course of this project, I´ll distribute it to all of us, who will have taken part in this project at the time the money shows up. I´ll do that in a way, which seems fair to me (and I will not get a privileged part of it). If distributing this - imaginary – money will cost more than the amount of money to distribute, I´ll not do anything.

By sending the files (what is taking part in this project), you agree to the above said. You also agree that there won´t be any discussion about that matter. Further you agree, that I can treat your soundfiles as I like, can take smaller or larger parts of them, which undergo i.e. granular processing or any other kind of sound processing, sound designing and composing, as long as I use them as a part of the whole composition, the whole musical work under the title “The Sound of Water and Ice in its Environmental and Social Context from all over the World” or under any other title expressing the same idea, the same main principal, or the same intention.

You have the right to be named – and you will be – as a contributor of the processed, designed, composed sound material. You asure, that the data given in the form sheet attached to your sound files and eventually to your video files is true and is the only data I shall have to refer to and that only in a way and to an extent as said in this attached form sheet.

And that´s it.
Let´s continue with creative things now.
Please click here to download the form sheet.
The Details of the Project:
How am I going to use your files?
Special email only for this project:
The Form Sheet
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First published: 12 November 2016
Last update: 18 December 2016
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