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You´ll have FREE ACCESS to ALL of my tutorials/videos I publish during your membership. This means you can DOWNLOAD each and every of these videos for free without any further donations, as long as you are a member.
You´ll have FREE ACCESS to the illustrated scripts (voice-over) of most of the videos (not only those, which are produced during your membership, but also the older ones). There are 41 video scripts available at the moment, but there will be more. I´m producing illustrated scripts (voice-over) of all of my videos/tutorials – gradually. You can use these scripts online. And you can even download them (PDF format).
You´ll have FREE ACCESS to the GRAPHICS of all of my videos/tutorials (not only to those, which are produced during your membership, but also the older ones). You can download (or view them online) all graphics of a video as a PDF file.
You´ll be able to POST in our FORUM - reading is available to anybody, but only members are allowed to post.
… and more to come.
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By donating an amount of $49,- you´ll get a 12-month membership (annual subscription) equipped with all of the advantages mentioned above.
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only your donation enables me to continue producing tutorials/videos of the quality you are used to get from me and to develop this website and the services I´m offering to you – seriously only your donation makes these things possible.
The History of Working with Sound