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The Sound of the Waters of the World - Water and Ice in its Environmental and Social Context from All Over The World
Crossing borders ...real ones on earth as well as those, which are only in our minds.
We can live without eating anything for quite a long time. But we need water every day.
All of us do. All of us and all over the World.
We consist of somewhat between 50% and 60% of water.
Everyone of us does. Everyone and all over the World
The huge majority of industries needs water.
All over the World.
We need water to stay clean and healthy, to cook,
to wash our clothes …
All over the world.
So let´s use water as a source of sound and music and make this project a symbol for humanity without borders.
To make it absolutely clear right at the beginning:
Not for me and not for you!
This project is a non-profit statement about our one impartible World and the equivalency of all human beings in it.
I ask you:
Please go and record sounds gained from water, from ice, from snow etc. and send the recorded sound file to me!
I´ll use the sounds from the files you send to me to produce a composition called
"The Sounds of the Waters of the World".
And if you - additionally and highly appreciated - send a video or some photographs, it/they will be published here and on one of my YouTube channels (not monetized).
You yourself produce a short composition (or even a longer one) using the sounds of water you have recorded and send it to me or publish it on your own social media or your video platform and send the link to me.
I´ll add it here to the collection from all over the world.
Who can take part?
Anybody! Everybody! From all over the world! Young and old! Professionals and amateurs! Musicians, artists, painters, butchers, carpenters, students, teachers ...
Feel free to send even more than only one file and more than only once.
What kind of equipment will you need or should you use?
Any kind of recording equipment! Simple or high-tech, lo-fi or hi-fi. Anything you can record with.
Just some ideas of what you may record:
Natural sounds as waterfalls, streaming rivers, creeks rippling over stones, seashores, water in caves, in the wood, snow falling from branches, rain, rain falling on leaves, rain into puddles, melting ice, melting and moving glaciers, etc.
All these sounds included the sounds from the environment, the surrounding, the neighbourhood.
Technical sounds as rain in the city, rain falling on roofs, on cars, on umbrellas. Cars driving along wet streets, driving through puddles, streaming water in drains, water from the tap or from the shower at home, water moving a millwheel etc.
Experiments like walking on snow, jumping into puddles, knocking on ice, ice on ice, blowing a whistle made from ice, boiling water etc.
The History of Working with Sound