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The video "Colours of Sound" is a journey through instrumental sounds as well as through sounds of nature and technical noise, making them visible, showing similarities where you might not have expected them - and desecrates the Holy Grail of (not only) EDM.
The main goal of this second part of "The New Genetics of Sound" is to find typical structures in the spectrum of sounds, which can be reproduced using methods of additive synthesis and implemented in other sounds to change their "genetic" structure.
Part three of the "New Genetics of Sound" compares the "landscape" of partials in a spectrum with the real landscape out there in nature and translates the first into the latter and vice versa, making a hill, a river or a valley audible.
The "New Genetics of Sound" is a journey through the magic realm of audible things, of sound. It´s magical, it is metaphysical, it´s transcendental and it let´s you hear, see and feel my fascination for sound - as well as some simple scientific explanations.
In the series "The World is Sound" I look for - and find - sounds at uncommon places and in unusual things. Sounds, which can be used in "common" musical pieces as well as in more experimental ones, if you know, how to process this newly found raw material.
In this video I make the inner sounds of a block of melting ice audible, the moaning and sighing, the singing and the crying of the molecules, which are getting liquid again. Is there a difference between ice you´ve got from water of streaming river or from water out of a pond or simply out of the tap?
On my trips collecting sound from outside the studio I came upon the question "How shall I write the notation of my audible art, which consists of all kinds of (common) music as well as of electronic excesses and sounds of nature and of the world of technical things?" This video is my first approach of finding an answer.
This second video in the series "The World is Sound" deals with sounds I have found in reverberated audible goings on. What, if I extracted parts from a reverb trailing off and implemented it in a reverb of a completely different sound? Or exchanging the reverb Or different sounds? Or .....
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The History of Working with Sound
The History of Working with Sound