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rofilm - history
rofilm - nature
VSTs - in depth
Music - off-the-wall
History – Nature – Music (production) – Music (sound and sense) …
… how do these issues mesh with each other? Do they add up at all?
                       What do they have in common?
Since I started messing around with music there hasn't been any single month, which hadn't brought surprises. Which hadn't opened other worlds to me. Not a single month without discovering new aspects – not only of music, but of life itself.

Since I started to be interested in the life of people there hasn't been any time I hadn't been moved by their struggles. And isn't history exactly about that: people's life?

Since I started to consciously perceive nature there hasn't been a single day I hadn't been amazed by what I saw, heard and figured out.

Whereas the issues “History”and “Nature” are a permanent source of inspiration, the two musical subjects “Music – off the Wall” and “VST in depth” cover the more creative aspects, with “Music – off the Wall” bridging between music and nature – sometimes even between music and history.

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First published: 24 June 2014
Last update: 9 December 2017
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Well, me.
But it's not really about me. It's about relationships,
about interrelations and about fascination.
It's about perceiving different aspects of this one world.
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