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Crossing borders ...real ones on earth as well as those, which are only in our minds.
We can live without eating anything for quite a long time. But we need water every day.
All of us do. All of us and all over the World.
We consist of somewhat between 50% and 60% of water.
Everyone of us does. Everyone and all over the World
The huge majority of industries needs water.
All over the World.
We need water to stay clean and healthy, to cook,
to wash our clothes …
All over the world.
So let´s use water as a source of sound and music and make this project a symbol for humanity without borders.
The "New Genetics of Sound" is a journey through the magic realm of audible things, of sound. It´s magical, it is metaphysical, it´s transcendental and it let´s you hear, see and feel my fascination for sound - as well as some simple scientific explanations.
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Part three of the "New Genetics of Sound" compares the "landscape" of partials in a spectrum with the real landscape out there in nature and translates the first into the latter and vice versa, making a hill, a river or a valley audible.
The main goal of this second part of "The New Genetics of Sound" is to find typical structures in the spectrum of sounds, which can be reproduced using methods of additive synthesis and implemented in other sounds to change their "genetic" structure.
"Now" is, when the Past Touches the Future
While I was putting together the following list of events and inventions and ideas and approaches I became aware of, how intensive science and art and business have always worked on each other causing the development in music, sound and sound design, that we have been priviledged to perceive – and are still perceiving.
The History of Working with Sound