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Softube´s Modular - Tutorial 10 "Intellijel´s Rubicon"

(You get the full script of the video including all pictures and graphics as a downloadable PDF file in the Members´Area.)

0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:38 The Front Panel: Ovverview and
0:02:15 The Outputs: The Waveforms
0:03:10 The Inputs: Groups of
0:04:38 Ranges of Frequencies
0:08:33 The Waveform Switches
0:08:44 Sine, Sigmoid and Double
0:12:30 Pulse, Centered and Edge
                  Aligned, Merging Waves, PW,
0:29:19 Pulse Width Modulation
0:32:17 Softsync (“Flip”)
0:33:48 Terminology
0:34:42 Relations of Frequencies, Master
                  and Slave
0:40:00 Non-Integer Relations
0:41:47 Different Waveforms of the Slave
0:52:55 Different Classes of Spectra
1:16:00 Different Waveforms of the
1:18:48 Hardsync
1:20:11 Comparing Hardsync and
1:24:26 Master-Slave Frequency
                  Relations with Different Kinds of

1:30:14 Rubicon as Master and Rubicon as
1:33:10 The Magic of Zig-Zag
1:35:03 Rubicon-Square versus A-110-
1:43:34 SUB: Syncing to Death
1:44:58 Networks of Masters and Slaves
1:46:40 Exponential Frequency Modulation
1:47:05 Just for the Beginners: Some
              Explanations of Basic Terms
1:48:00 Frequency Modulation
1:49:43 Exponential Frequency
1:51:42 Linear Frequency Modulation
1:53:07 Through Zero Frequency
1:58:42 First Exponential Frequency
              Modulation with Rubicon
2:02:02 Attenuating the Strength of
2:03:44 Modulating the Modulation
2:07:49 A “Melody of Sounds” with MIDI-
              Notes as Modulators, Microtonal ¨ Scales, Macrotonal Scales
2:10:25 Some Typical Little Patches
2:15:07 Through Zero Frequency
2:15:25 SYMMETRY
2:20:40 INDEX
2:26:10 And again: SYMMETRY
2:28:17 Detour: The 20% Principle
2:29:40 SYMMETRY and “Negative”
2:34:38 “A Singing Modulator” or “Rubicon
              Gets Rid of Its Voice”
2:46:58 Reflecting Partials and Splitting
2:48:30 Future Prospects
2:51:40 Some Words at the End
           The End at 2:52:38
The History of Working with Sound