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Frequency Modulation / Phase Modulation Workshop 3

(You get the full script of the video including all pictures and graphics as a downloadable PDF file in the Members´Area.)
We continue developping our system of FM/PM sounds and finish our journey through “DEXED” in this workshop 3. Then we analyse a complex violin patch, which was made by Brian Eno in 1987.

0:00:00 Welcome
0:00:49 Column 1 DEXED
0:00:49 The LFO
0:01:15 AMD and PMD
0:01:54 AMD and PMD Sensitivity
0:04:20 LFO Delay
0:04:42 LFO Sync
0:05:30 A Keyboard Split
0:07:39 Column 2 FM Practical Theory
0:07:39 Fundamental, Pitch and Ratio
0:11:11 Calculating the Pitch, Part 1
0:14:32 Ratio and Pitch: A (too) simple
0:15:00 Ratio and Pitch, a bad Surprise
0:16:10 Sub-Carrier Frequencies with
0:17:16 Sub-Carrier Frequencies with
                 NI´s FM8
0:17:49 Sub-Carrier Frequencies with
                 u-he´s Bazille
0:18:12 Sub-Carrier Frequencies with
                 ImageLine´s Sytrus
0:18:38 Sub-Carrier Frequencies with
                 Korg´s Volca FM
0:19:40 5,000 spectra
0:20:30 Irregular Frequencies: The
0:24:52 Refining the System of Ratios: practicle Pitch
0:27:30 Pitch and Ratio: A Summary
0:31:20 System of Ratios, Refinement 1
0:31:50 Real Pitch and Perceived Pitch
0:33:17 The Sound of the Lonely
0:40:45 Distances between the
               Fundamental and the First Upper
0:43:25 System of Ratios: Next
0:43:33 Harmonicity
0:51:45 System of Ratios: Refinement
0:52:53 Harmonicity and the Rule of the
                LCM (lowest common multiple)
0:55:25 Subordinate LCM
0:58:00 Column 3 Brian Eno´s Violin Patch
              from 1987
0:58:0 Complexity of the Patch
1:02:31 General Structure of the Patch
1:03:38 The Carrier
1:05:42 Modulation Chain 1: Operator 2
                  and Feedback
1:11:49 Modulation Chain 2:
                  Operators 3 and 4
1:17:52 Modulation Chain 3:
                  Operators 5 and 6
1:28:27 Some Words at the End
The History of Working with Sound