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What is it all about and how does it help you?
The first news here at this website is about this site itself.
Those of you, who visited my old website from time to time will agree with me: everything has changed.

I should say some words about the “Why?” and the “What (is really new)?” therefore.
The spectrum of my activities on the field of sound, sound design and music has grown very fast and so has the intensity of my work during the last three years. The old website´s structure wasn´t able to house all the new aspects and services and topics in an adequate way. The site lost its structure, it got confusing.

The steadily increasing number of friends, fans and followers I was able to gratefully welcome all over the social media and channels during the last three years makes it inevitable to have a kind of central instrument of communication. The old website wasn´t a suitable instrument to perform this task.
The old website, well, it simply got ugly over the time.

I needed a home for new services and new fields of working with sound

What new services then?
Well, there is the NEWS SERVICE, where I publish up-to-date information about my upcoming activities, publications and productions.
And if you are a member of this site, you can publish the same about you, your activities, your publications and your productions.
And even music companies (instruments, VSTs, DAWs, services etc.) can use my news service to deliver some real informative messages to a small but growing and dedicated audience.
Then there is the NEWSLETTER SERVICE. Well, no further explanation necessary.
The MEMBERS´ AREA offers benefits like one-year licenses, material and resources supplementing my tutorials/video etc. Please visit the MEMBERS´ AREA page to learn more about it.
The “deep-sound divers´ coffeehouse” has developped from a simple forum to a full grown “department” of this site, meant for those of you, who really want to dive deep into the matter of working with sound.
And those, who like looking beyond their own nose will love the section called “CROSSING BORDERS”
And a last thing to mention (“last”? - well, at least for today): all sources are sorted by topic. i.e. “modular synthesis”, as well as by instrument, i.e. “Softube´s Modular”.
A lot more topics and services are to come.
A very last aspect then:
You can tell me now what topic/matter you would like me to produce a tutorial/video about.

Enjoy my new website! Enjoy your day!
The History of Working with Sound