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CrusherX – Version 7
The new features of accSone´s granular processor will be unveiled at Suberbooth 2018 (3 – 5 May 2018). But some highlights have already reached the surface.

Please visit accSone´s homepage for detailed information and to download the demo version:
Let me quote what accSone´s page tell about the new version:
Further we learn from what is mentioned there:
The page informs us about the handling of generators and about the new MIDI implementation:
“Crusher-X version 7 will again present a couple of features that are unique in the world of granular synthesis: It introduces a grain formant filter mode with "a-e-i-o-u" vowels. This lets crusher-X "talk". This unique process will generate for each grain a specific vowel that could be morphed thru the vovel chain over the vapor modulation model. A special adapted Q model will ensure a smooth transition between a wide “unvoweled" filter and sharp, distinctive vowels. Together with the new introduced wave form selector of the DCO it leads to sound design at its best: Ghost voices, singing guitars, smash choirs, and hypogeal strings."
"A reworked UI supports touch screen control on tables and surface devices while still featuring Physical Model faders and wheels. Important buttons are resized to become better controllable with a touch display. The modulation previews became expanded and more granular. "
"The amount of parallel working generators can be convenient and sensitive controlled with the physical modeling generator wheel. The generator mixer is reworked towards a predictive volume adjustment.

The flexible MIDI and plug-in parameter control assignments supporting now non-linear, free editable mappings with spline and knee points."
I am very curious what will be hidden about the term "Adore Parameters".The page tells about it the following:
"13 new introduced “Adore Parameters” allows fast and easy modifications that lead to complex sound changes. They are mapped to corresponding plug-in parameters and can be understood as meta parameters to control several vapor parameters at once with one slide. Each Adore parameter is mapped to several Vapor parameters via a specified set of non-linear control mappings. An Adore parameter modification is treated as normal Vapor parameter modifications, so therefore can be morphed and undone.”
You may well expect me producing a video to overview the new features.
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